3D Printing Face Shields for Hospitals to combat COVID-19

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We are about 1,900 volunteers who work in 3D printing to help hundreds of hospitals in Brazil.

We are the Hígia Project, a civil movement that emerged on March 20, 2020 with the objective of assisting in the combat and control in COVID-19 through the use of additive manufacturing for the manufacture of facial protectors for donation to health professionals and front of care in hospitals across Brazil. 


Since the beginning of the Hígia Project, we aim to offer face shields through donations (we do not sell), focusing on places where the demand for COVID-19 patients is highest and there is difficulty in accessing personal protective equipment (PPE) ). The facial protector allows the health professional to preserve the filter tissue mask and use it for several hours, reducing the consumption of these materials that are scarce at the moment. Without the use of the protector, these masks must be replaced at each service / patient, in addition to being a physical barrier that protects an extensive region of the face, covering from the top of the head to the neck region.


The name Hígia is inspired by the goddess Athena Hygia which represents health, cleanliness and sanity associated with disease prevention. Although the Hígia project originated in our group, it is not limited to members, but includes everyone from society willing to donate time and resources.


The Hígia project was born in the group “Women in 3D Printing Brasil”, the arm of the international organization “Women in 3D Printing” created 5 years ago in the USA by Nora Toure.
The group, “Women in 3D Printing Brasil”, coordinated by Profa. Dr. Mayra Torres Vasques (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mayra-vasques-a17a8a51/) and Profa. Dra. Maria Elizete Kunkel (https://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-elizete-kunkel-b930ba86/) has been active for 18 months, has the participation of 140 women and performs connection and activities between women who use 3D printing in different areas of activity throughout Brazil.



 115 days receiving donations and donating Hígias

40000 Hígias

produced in Brazil and worldwide, using 3D Printers

80000 Hígias

produced in Brazil and worldwide, by industrial plastic injection